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JIQ Preschool

The objectives of a good preschool program is to create a warm, healthy and happy environment where small children can grow and develop emotionally and cognitively as well as physically.

At JIQ preschool we strive to do this in a most professional and caring manner. Additionally, we endeavour to impart a love and flair for the beauty of our religion and culture, as well as nurture and develop faith and trust in Gā€‘d. We hope to inculcate a love for Israel, all things Jewish and an involvement in the performance of the Mitzvot (precepts) of the Torah. Ivrit - Hebrew language is used in both formal and informal instruction and becomes a part of the daily routine, as well as holiday fun and games.

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Nursery's Special Projects
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JIQ Preschool and Nursery
Nurturing the heart, the mind and the soul of every child. 

Pre K's Special Projects

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Our Teachers

Nursery 1

Morah Ruth-Dalliah Allouche

Morah Judy Weintraub

Morah Janet Kohan 


Ms. Andrea Klein-co

Morah Miriam Mordukhayev-co


Morah Shoshana Haimov

Morah Adina Gurgov


Morah Marianna Musheyev

Morah Taytana Uvayadov

Upcoming Events
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