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Welcome to our Judaic Studies information page.

The Jewish Institute of Queens was founded 12 years ago to provide a superb Jewish education based on our Torah and its traditions for the children of our community.

We utilize a positive approach that fosters within our students a love of G-d and the Torah, so that they wish to observe the Mitzvot and grow up to be proud Jews.

The teachers in our department spend their time teaching our students a vast knowledge of values applied in a fun and competitive manner during collective activities in school.

In addition, there is a strong emphasis in the history of our nation by teaching Chumash, Parshat HaShavoua, and the Jewish holidays. This enables the students to share their knowledge and positive experience with their families and friends.

The use of the Hebrew language is incorporated in our Judaic studies by using interesting and colorful Hebrew books, songs and computer games. The students are able to use key Hebrew phrases and words in their interaction with their teachers.

I am very proud of the results achieved thus far, and I am optimistic of the continued growth and success of each individual student and of the school as a whole.

May we all have a wonderful year!Batya Zvulonov Judaic Studies Principal Mrs. B. Zvulonov, Judaic Studies PrincipalTel: (718) 426-9369 Ext. 240

Nursery and Pre K Website

Kindergarten 1

Morah Yelena Yagudayeva

Morah Ipek Durmaz

Kindergarten 2

Morah Olga Sosonov

Morah Yelena Maksumova

1st Grade

Morah Chana Belinow

Morah Teena Tzion

2nd Grade

Morah Shlomit Vaknin

Morah Juylia Lachchikov

3rd Grade

Rabbi Shmuel Tuvel

Morah Chanale Schtroks 

4th Grade 

Morah Shaina Glick

Rabbi Shlomo Morrison

5th Grade

Morah Chana Pevzner

Rabbi Boruch DuBrow

6th Grade

Morah Aviva Shubov

Rabbi Meir Shushan

Hebrew Support Staff:

Morah Yamit Elmakias 

Morah Baila Kalendareva 

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