I'm Mrs. Blumenstein, your College Counselor.

Right here is where you can find the latest information about the PSAT and SAT test dates, applications, and financial aid. We have linked the College Board and Financial Aid to our site so you don't have to go anywhere else! These links will direct you to all of the things you need to do in order to achieve an easy college entry experience!

Students and parents can easily apply online for the SAT test, financial aid and scholarships. Financial aid is based on your 2008 income. You will need copies of your tax returns, W2 and other financial statements to determine eligibility.

The SAT is offered on all Sundays following the standard Saturday examination date. Students must submit their first application to the College Board through the mail with a letter requesting a Sunday exam. The SAT application and the necessary letter from our school requesting a Sunday test date will be available in my office to all twelfth graders (students who are graduating in June, 2015) when they return to school in early September.  SAT preparation is given to all of our high school students in school, FREE OF CHARGE! The SAT preparation will be part of the curriculum and after school programs.

Once the Sunday request is on file, students can simply apply online. Students can take the SAT exam more than once. There is a $45 fee each time a student takes the test. It is actually recommended to take the exam more than once.

I'm personally committed to our students' success. I will be avilable to work with every student and his/her family including filling applications for testing and the college of your choice.

I will be in school on Thursdays and by appointment to help you reach your dreams and goals.

Mrs. Blumenstein, College Counselor
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and by appointment