Right here you can find the latest information about upcoming events, clubs and our high school's special trip to Israel. To learn more about Israel, you can click on the links on this page and bond with the promised land.

Here are some of the most exciting events happening in our school year round:

A trip to Israel.
Israel Day Parade.
A visit to the tennement museum.
A visit from Yeshiva University.
A visit to Yeshiva University.
A trip to Washington.
A trip to Long Island Jewish hospital.
A visit for girls-risk taking sexual behavior.
A trip to New York City Mayor's office.
Food for the poor.
The David Project.

Here are some of the clubs our students participate year round:

Wrestling team.
Judo Club.
Chess club.
Stock market Game.
Homework Help Center (High School Students helping Elementary students).
Nursing Home.
Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Mentoring Program.
Ecology/Recycling program.