Parent volunteers are a vital resource for JIQ. As a volunteer, you'll have an opportunity to spend time meeting other parents, learning more about how things work at JIQ and enriching the lives of our students.




Parents who are interested in applying for the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure positions will need to email jneff2@ and [email protected]. Parents will need to write a brief description of who they are and why they feel they would be the best canidate for the position. The decision will be made by August 12th by the JIQ administration. Our first meeting will be on August 30th. Time to be determined



President: Coordinates officers and committees, presides at PTA meetings and works closely with the Principals. Time: Presides at monthly evening PTA board meetings. Year-long commitment including work over summer.


VP (Programs): Responsible for implementing the PTA goal of parent education and fundraising events.

Time: Attends monthly evening PTA Board meetings. Workload varies throughout the

year depending on choice of educational initiative.


Secretary: Attends and records Minutes at all PTA Board meetings. Create PTA webpage and send home bi-weekly or monthly PTA newsletters. Variable workload.


Treasurer: Keeps permanent books of all monetary transactions and performs all duties expected of a Treasurer. Run annual membership campaign. Time: Attends monthly evening PTA Board meetings in addition to a workload that varies.